Artificial Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Train and deploy your custom Machine Learning model in minutes with little data and zero code.

Cognifeed in four easy steps.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (anymore) to figure it out.



give examples

Give Examples

engage in cognitive

Engage in Cognitive Feed

use trained model

Use Trained Model


Why Cognifeed?

Machine Learning is useful when we need to program tasks that are too complex to be captured through simple imperative instructions. Yet building ML systems is not trivial.


You don’t have the data

Supervised algorithms need substantial amounts of annotated data to learn.

hard to find

Hard to find talent

Finding the right people to build ML systems, or learning to do so yourself, is no easy task.

hardware sucks

Your hardware sucks

Not to worry. Almost any hardware sucks when it comes to satisfying the computational power thirst of a training ML model.

What is Cognifeed?

Cognifeed is a hub for Machine Learning solutions where you can create and share ML projects. It allows you to teach your own model while building and annotating your dataset.


Browse, collaborate, create

Search a vast collection of public projects, help improving them, or interactively train your own state-of-the-art ML model.

measure performance

Measure performance

Asses the quality of your dataset and the performance of your model from your project dashboard.

trained models

Use trained models

Deploy the your models to the cloud using our API or download and plug them into your project, entirely offline!